The Quizzo Cast

The Quizzo Cast

A behind-the-scenes look at the questions, writers, hosts, and players of Detroit Michigan's leading pub Quiz community. Hosted by Jon "JAG" Gay and Tom Whittaker.

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    How a Stroke Couldn't Stop Tony Muggs

    Tony Muggs of The Muggs and Dude joins us to talk about a stroke and how he had to re-learn everything. Also, Collin previews the Oscars, and Julie joins the guys to debate how much is too much.

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    P.S. Your Quiz Is In The Sink

    Quizzo hosts Patrick and Jenna share host horror stories from hosting AND from working on a cruise ship together. Tom recaps Curb trivia and the most awkward answer ever.

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    Proposals and Pillows

    Julie tells us about her marathon proposal and her Quizzo "Audition." Tabi joins tells us about the perks of dating the boss, if there are any. And we preview our upcoming event nights.

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    Brew Detroit and Quizzo Cup Preview

    Brew Detroit's Kevin and Joe join Tom and Jon to talk about brewing, their taproom, and next week's Quizzo Cup Finals. Also, we put our guests to the test with some beer trivia.

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    It's Beer O'Clock!

    We're talking beer with Ray from Sherwood Brewing and Bo from Fillmore 13. Also, Ken K from Better on Draft joins us.

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    It's Always Sunny at the Geriatric Strip Club

    Theme nights are back - we preview our Always Sunny in Philadelphia and 30 Rock themed games. We also welcome our newly suckered hosts (we are looking for more btw).

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    Lions, Trailers, and The Quizzo Cup - Oh My!

    Lots of questions for our first full epsiode. Does the company's owner really live in a trailer? How do you win a giant novelty sized check? And finally, how badly will the resident Patriots fan in the room be beat up by his fellow Detroiters?

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